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Looking for the best software to learn Japanese at home, at school or in your business?

Most software these days exists as online subscription services (gone are the days where you buy a boxed program from a store!). The good news is that with so many Japanese software options, prices are significantly lower than they used to be.

We've done the research and looked at all available software products that teach Japanese.

Below you'll find our personal favorites and the highest rated among students.

1. Rocket Japanese

Rocket Japanese

The largest and most comprehensive Japanese course available (3 courses from beginner to advanced.)

The good thing about Rocket Japanese (as opposed to the other options on this list) is that you can pay once, and download the entire course for offline use.

There's also a mobile app that's free to use with a subscription so you can learn on the go.

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2. Japanese Uncovered

Japanese Uncovered

Very popular story-based method for learning Japanese. If you like reading, you'll enjoy this.

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3. JapanesePod101


Ever-expanding library of Japanese lessons, including podcasts and videos. Loads of useful Japanese content for all levels.

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4. Mondly Japanese

Mondly Japanese

A stunning Japanese course that includes a AR/VR (Virtual Reality) component.

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5. Free Japanese lessons

Free Japanese Lessons

Of course, we had to add our own Japanese software to this list.

We provide premium, members-only Japanese content in addition to all our free material.

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